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These are some of the indivduals that make Kid Castle unique, and make our schools a great place to work

Hi there! I’ve been living in and working in Shanghai for six years now, since November of 2011. I came sort of on a whim: a friend of mine suggested that I come and work for a bit in China just to try it out.

Like many of our newer teachers, I arrived in Shanghai with little teaching experience. I also arrived in Shanghai with no real knowledge of Mandarin or what China was going to be like, so my first few months here passed in slow-motion as I got acclimated to my surroundings. While a little rough at times, my transition into life in Shanghai on average was quite easy, as I had a lot of good support from fellow teachers and friends who had been here for longer than me and could offer me solid advice.

I started out with Kid Castle working at Fengzhuang school, where I still have many of the same classes I did when I began. It’s been amazing watching these students not only improve their English ability over the years, but to also watch them grow into their personalities.

After teaching for a little over a year, I was asked to train incoming teachers. During my time as a trainer I was tasked with showing new teachers how to be the most effective teachers they could be, while also helping them successfully adjust to life in China. Trainers at Kid Castle essentially have three jobs: to teach their young students English, to teach the new teachers how to teach, and to also be a sort of mini-life coach to the incoming teachers as needed. However, the work never felt overwhelming and I always went home at the end of the week feeling like I’d really accomplished something.

I spent about a year doing training before I was asked to work as a Foreign Teacher Supervisor. Now, I oversee the foreign teachers in 12 schools in Minhang and Jiading Districts in western Shanghai. Practically speaking, my job is a logical extension of my position as a new teacher trainer: now I travel to schools and offer feedback to teachers so that they can better hone their skills after their initial training. My goal as a supervisor is to make Shanghai, and Kid Castle, feel as welcoming as possible to all of our teachers while also providing the tools needed to be a great educator.

To any prospective teachers out there reading this: I encourage you to take the plunge. I can promise with some degree of certainty that if you come prepared to give China a fair chance, you’ll find the experience deeply rewarding. And, whether or not you end up at one of my schools, I look forward to meeting you and hearing about all of your experiences!

Hi, this is Stephen here representing the gold coast of Africa, Ghana. This is my seventh year in China and I got to say it’s been an incredible journey for me. I’ve enjoyed every single day as if it were my last here in the Middle Kingdom. I got to say though, four years and counting in Shanghai, it wouldn’t have been easy without the help of Kid Castle a.k.a the Happy Castle. This company amazes me and provided me with the best support I could ask for.

Living and working in two cities in China prior to Shanghai, I’ve seen quite a lot of what China has to offer. With almost three years teaching experience before moving to Shanghai, I felt like Kid Castle’s initial training was a breeze. But if I didn’t have much experience, I don’t think the company would have left me hanging. I’ve been with this company for almost four years now and get to see firsthand how well they prepare their new teachers: I started as a regular teacher and got promoted to a Training Specialist shortly after. I’ve been training newly arrived teachers for 3 years now and I enjoy sharing my experience and ideas with new expats. Who knows I may be training you one day.

I am thoroughly grateful for the foreign department’s help during my transition when I moved over here, and I think most teachers also get settled in easily and smoothly without any hassle. I’m glad I got to share my experience with you, and I look forward to possibly seeing you in China!

When I arrived in Shanghai in October 2014 I only intended to spend a year in China teaching English, but here I am two and a half years later still in Shanghai, still with Kid Castle, and now working as a Recruitment Specialist. It’s definitely not what I had expected when I left England, but it’s a decision I don’t regret in the slightest. Fresh out of university and without a huge amount of travelling (or teaching) experience, I underestimated how much I would love Shanghai and how much I would enjoy my time at Kid Castle.

I started out working in the Coayang Training School, where I taught for almost two years. Children learn and grow very quickly, and being able to see the development of the students throughout my time there was very rewarding. It’s a great feeling when a student who could barely say “hello” to begin with, arrives at class and is able to tell you excitedly in English all about their weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching and can honestly say there was never a morning I woke up and dreaded the day ahead (not true of every job I have been in)!

In July of last year I made my move to the Head Office and began working in the Foreign Affairs Department. Now I spend my days chatting to people all over the world and helping them get over here to China. It’s always nice to finally meet the people with whom I have spent months exchanging emails and Skype calls when they arrive in Shanghai! I’m looking forward to seeing you soon on a Skype interview too!

In June 2013 I spent 13 hours on a plane contemplating if what I was embarking on was right, I touched down in Shanghai still unclear about what I wanted to gain from my time here. I arrived jobless (times were different back then) and with the intention to stay for only 6 months. That soon changed as I landed a teaching job with Kid Castle.
I had no teaching experience and my previous interactions with children were limited, for good reason, or so I thought. I started at Jinqiao Training School in Pudong, Shanghai. The staff, parents and students were all extremely welcoming, but I still had a lot to learn. After I found my feet I set myself goals and invested more time in developing my skills. I observed other classes, read articles, watched videos, actively looked for feedback and added my own ideas into the mix. My 6 months were soon up and it was time to return home and so I did… Just for Christmas to explain to my family face to face why I wouldn’t be staying in England.
I had built strong relationships with my students and played an active role in improving their English as well as teaching them how to be confident, respectful and considerate. My students are the reason I had to return to Shanghai, a city I had barely scratched the surface of, and continue such a rewarding experience. Since then I have never looked back and now I’m proud to call Shanghai my home.

Before my first year was up I had been awarded the Kid Castle Teacher of the Year Award and then been promoted to Training Specialist in the Pudong district of Shanghai. This was a great opportunity to meet incoming teachers and give them a positive first impression of the job, share my knowledge, and show them how fun it can be. Leading into my second year I started working mornings for a Kid Castle Kindergarten as well as managing my Training School responsibilities. After 20 months at the kindergarten my students graduated and went to their respective public schools, I saw that as a fitting end to my time there.

As that chapter finished another begun and I started working as the District Foreign Teacher Supervisor for Pudong, overseeing 6 branches to begin with, and eventually rising to twelve. This got me in and around all the schools in that district, and I’m still involved with those schools today.

In February 2017, after nearly 4 years of teaching, I began a new challenge joining the Foreign Affairs Office’s Recruitment Team. Now I will be the first face you see when interviewing with our company. My goal is to make your experience in Shanghai and with Kid Castle as positive as mine has been. Who knows, you may even be placed in one of my schools.